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Incorporated in 1969, we are a Florida corporation, locally owned and operated.

Our business grew from a small coffee equipment refurbishing company to a large distribution center operating out of 30,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. With all that space, it's no wonder that we have just about whatever product or brand you are looking for. From stirrers to equipment - we've got you covered! We carry an extensive line of products including not only national recognized brands, but also private label products designed with a specific customer in mind. B C Coffee offers the most diversified product line in the OCS field.

Our staff is trained in Coffee Service and can answer your questions whether coffee, allied or equipment related. We are your representative for the manufacturer. If we can't answer your question, we will put you in touch with the manufacturer.

We not only provide you with products, but exceptional customer service and expertise in how to run a Coffee Service business. We can help you with routing, sales, collections, promotions or just about anything else that you may need.

What exactly is OCS?
Acronym standing for Office Coffee Service. Refers to a service provided by a business whereby coffee and related breakroom products are provided for the enjoyment of employees and/or customers. An OCS operator is one who loans a coffee machine to an office provided they purchase the operator's coffee and supplies. The OCS operator cleans and services the machine, making sure there is always fresh coffee available. B C Coffee sells products and equipment to OCS operators at a competitive price. We offer expertise whenever needed to assist the operator in running his/her business. For customers large enough to meet the minimums, we can assist in designing a Private Label and act as the agent between the Manufacturer and the OCS operator.

What companies would be eligible for B C Coffee's services?
We sell only to re-distributors. We do not sell to end-users. We believe those sales belong to our customers who can provide service along with the product. Potential customers must provide us with a Resale Certificate in order to be sold at wholesale prices.

Why is B C Coffee considered to be a Master Distributor?
We buy in large quantities directly from the manufacturer and distribute to the OCS operator in smaller quantities.

Does B C Coffee conduct business outside of Florida?
Yes. Out of state business is delivered by FedEx or common carrier. Most of our out of state customers pay C.O.D. or with Visa/MasterCard. We offer 24 hour turn-around on shipping stock orders.

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